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Wedding favors are evolving from their prehistoric chocolate and nut days. As a simple way to express gratitude to guests, favors provide a tangible memory that keeps the celebration going after the sparkler send-off. Lately, we see that concepts are becoming more unique and reflective of the couple’s personalities. For some, that might mean including packaging that perfectly ties into the décor, taking advantage of a cute last name hashtag, or even destination-themed goodies, but ultimately, this is “anything goes.” 


Here are sixteen wedding favor ideas that can act as a starting point and a source of inspiration for those ready to tie the knot, or those who simply enjoy making Pinterest boards for their future wedding day!


  1. Let Love Grow – Handing out mini potted plants or succulents will bring in a natural element. This is a perfect memento for green-thumbed brides.
  2. In Sickness + In Health – After a night on the dance floor, a few Advil in bottles is just what your guests want on hand for the morning after.

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  1. Sip, Sip, Hooray – Fuel the after-party with shooter-sized champagne (substitute as you wish). You may also choose to include a second option “for the groom” (i.e., Fireball or Jameson).
  2. Mint To Be – Choose to hand out customized mint containers for fresh breath. This way no singles are too nervous to ask their wedding crush for a dance.
  3. You Warm Our Hearts – If you are planning on getting married during the winter season, offer fire-starter pinecones; they are aesthetically-pleasing and on-theme.

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  1. Love Is Sweet – A more general option, this could include virtually anything edible: cookies, candies, etc. The samples could be displayed in acrylic boxes, gift boxes, or baggies.
  2. Blow Me – For the zany couples, I present a candle with a cheeky caption. Guests will surely get a laugh out of this one. 

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  1. Spread The Love – Little jars of your favorite jam or jelly are practical and popular for attendees of all-ages.
  2. “His Favorite/Her Favorite/Our Favorite” – If you want to be personal with the gifts, choose your favorites within a category (alcohol, candies, snack foods, etc.) and label respectively. 
  3. Found My Honey – Provide miniature honey jars from you and your honey as something sweet guests can keep in their kitchen.
  4. The Perfect Match – Matchboxes are the perfect souvenir as they are useful and carry a vintage vibe.
  5. Olive You – Kitchen keepsakes are becoming increasingly popular; little bottles of olive oil are a rustic, mature favor (+ the “Olive You” is doing it for me).
  6. To Have and To Hold Your Hair Back – Put this caption on a tag for scrunchies – your long-haired guests will adore you for it.

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  1. Nuts About Each Other – Sample-sized peanuts (feel free to substitute if you’re almond or cashew people).
  2. Midnight Snack – Super fun for the way home, a to-go set-up of a glass Coca-Cola and small fry is exactly what guests are craving after hitting the dance floor.


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  1. The Perfect Blend – For the caffeine reliant, you might opt for packages of beans or ground coffee. Bonus points if you include both yours and your boo’s go-to roasts.



Don’t be afraid to make them your own; personalizing the favors with details like the newlyweds’ names or a custom graphic will add meaning and sentiment. As far as slogans go, some might prefer to keep packaging basic and create an artistic display next to the gifts; it is completely up to you.


Finally, let me be clear: favors are not a “must-have” for your big day. If the budget does not allow for them or they just don’t really excite you, no need to stress. That said, there are plenty of affordable options that won’t have your wallet in a chokehold, and plenty of guests who just want a good time, and to watch two people they love get married. 


You can thank me later.


May the odds be ever in your wedding favors!

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