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It’s tempting to think that you can invite your entire village to help you say yes to the dress, but sometimes more voices shouting over yours can do more harm than good. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide who you should and shouldn’t bring to your bridal appointment.


Before sending out the mass group text, check with your boutique or salon for their requirements for guests. Some may have limited spacing or rules about numbers, so you need to stay within those guidelines before setting expectations for your guests. Be mindful of any COVID-19 related restrictions as well. Due to limited spacing or local laws, many boutiques may have had to reduce the numbers of guests they can allow brides to bring.


Most brides inherently invite the basic supporters: mom, sisters, grandmothers and bridesmaids, but an extended list could include your future mother-in-law, aunts, cousins and family friends. Make a list of the most supportive people in your life; those are the people you bring to your appointment. You don’t need feedback that will tear you down and make you feel insecure leading up to your big day. The guests at your fitting appointment should provide uplifting and encouraging feedback, and they should respect your opinions and decisions. This is your day, not theirs; that may be easy to forget in all the chaos, but don’t let anyone shout louder than you.


Photo by Blane Marable Photography


You don’t have to bring anyone to your appointment if you don’t want to. If you choose to fly solo, make sure you’re prepared! Do some research ahead of time on styles and fabrics that you like, so you can tell your consultant and be on the right track as soon as you arrive. As with all wedding decisions, make sure you’re keeping an open mind and staying open to all your options. Keep in mind, your consultant sees all sorts of brides with all sorts of styles every single day. They know what looks good and what fits in a flattering manner, so they aren’t going to steer you wrong. Be sure to listen to their suggestions, but don’t let their opinions outweigh yours; it’s still your day! Finally, don’t wait till the last minute. Many bridal shops and boutiques require you to order your dress months in advance, to ensure the alterations can be done on time so it fits just right on your special day. You’ll be glad it’s done sooner rather than later, so all that’s left is the look you’ll get to see in your spouse’s eyes when you walk down the aisle.


Whether you choose to bring a crowd of people, a select few or rely on your independent self, the most important thing to remember above all is supporting yourself and surrounding yourself with people who will support you as well. It’s always helpful to hear others’ opinions, but in the end, it’s yours that matters most.


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