Photograph by wedding photographer Blane Marable

The tradition of the first dance dates back to 17th century Europe when formal balls were popular. It was typical for a guest of honor of the highest social standing to lead the first dance. Rather than the couple being the only ones to dance to the music, they would lead the other couples down the set. Nowadays, things are very different and the etiquette has changed drastically. Normally, the bride and groom share the first dance, then the father of the bride dances with the bride. After this, the bride’s father and mother dance together, the groom dances with his mother, and the groom’s parents dance together before the free-for-all. 

Picking a special song for your first dance that is romantic, memorable and that sets the tone for the rest of the wedding night is important, but can be overwhelming for couples. To help with this tedious song hunt, here is a list of a few wedding favorites ranging from country to alternative!

  1. “Yours” by Russell DickersonIf you love country music, this song is a good choice for you. It is a romantic, feel-good song about a man who feels like a better person when he is with his special someone, and it really sets the mood for a southern wedding. 
  2. “Your Song” by Elton John This classic tune was named one of the best love songs ever written, and has been used in weddings for many years. The lyrics write, “I hope you don’t mind/That I put down into words/How wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”
  3. “Make You Feel My Love” by AdeleAdele’s beautiful voice and lyrics makes this a very heartwarming song to dance to with your special someone. She writes about all the things she would do for her partner to show him he loves her. 
  4. “You Make It Easy” by Jason AldeanThis is another country favorite that has a romantic message in the lyrics. This song is about how easy it is to love your partner and how they make every day with them better.
  5. “First Day of My Life” by Bright EyesThis alternative song is about a man who believes his life began when he met his partner and fell in love. It is a cute and meaningful song that is perfect to dance to!
  6. “I Choose You” by The SteelDriversThis bluegrass song is perfect if you are looking for a faster, upbeat song for a fun dance. The song is about how a man chooses his partner over anyone or anything for the rest of his life. The lyrics write, “I choose you/Every day in a hundred different ways.” 
  7. “All of Me” by John LegendThis popular song is a very romantic song with a great meaning behind it. Legend writes “Cause all of me loves all of you/Love your curves and all your edges/All your perfect imperfections.” The slower tempo of this song is perfect for an intimate moment between you and your loved one. 
  8. “Better Together” by Jack JohnsonJohnson’s upbeat song is a feel-good tune that will keep everyone happy and smiling throughout your first dance. The lyrics are about how everything is better when he is in the company of his significant other even if they aren’t doing anything special. This sentimental meaning is perfect for you and your partner to start the night with!

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