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Your dream wedding is most likely a vision of every Pinterest-inspired photo and style that you could ever imagine. The most elaborate flower arrangements, towering wedding cakes and runway-ready wedding dresses are all decadent fantasies to add to the dream — but in reality, you might need to scale some things back to fit your budget and not break the bank. Here are some practical tips and tricks to save some money on your big day while still making your wedding a dream come true. 

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The Planning: 

  • Know Your Priorities & Set a Budget 

The most important part of the wedding planning process is having a plan. So as you start your planning journey, consider the aspects of your wedding that are the most important to you and create a list of your priorities. Maybe you really want amazing photos so you’re willing to splurge more on a photographer, but you don’t mind cutting back on floral arrangements cause they aren’t as important to you. Make note of that! From there, set a budget and stick to it. That way you’ll feel comfortable throughout the whole process and there won’t be any financial surprises. 


  • Create a Wedding Website 

As most things have become digital in today’s age, consider creating a wedding website with every important detail about the celebration to direct your guests to after they receive your initial invitation. Use a website like The Knot to easily set up your page and save lots of time and money not worrying about printing and stationery costs. 

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  • Book Your Photographer For Only 8-10 Hours

Photographers can be quite expensive, so consider only booking one for 8-10 hours instead of a typical 12-14 hour full day. This is plenty of time to capture the best moments while still saving some money. Additionally, you could consider hiring an up and coming photographer with new talent, as their rates may be lower than others. Browse social media or even ask friends and family to find someone who is the perfect fit to capture your wedding. 


  • Consider a Different Day of the Week

Saturday is by far the most popular, and therefore most expensive, day of the week to have your wedding. By having your wedding just a day earlier or later on a Friday or Sunday, you may save thousands on the rate from your venue. 

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The Glam:

  • Rent Your Jewelry 

Use a website like Adorn to rent high-end jewelry to wear for your wedding. Get all the glitz and glamor with only a fraction of the cost. You could also consider borrowing jewelry from family or friends to still look fabulous without the price tag. 


  • Do Your Own Hair & Makeup

It may take some practice, but you could easily cut costs by taking on the challenge of doing your own hair and makeup. Search up your favorite Youtube makeup artist and see what happens! This is also a great time to call up family, friends or bridesmaids to assist with your pre-wedding glam and have fun while doing it too! 

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The Feast:

  • Serve Signature Drinks (For a Limited Time!)

Liquor is one way that a wedding budget can get out of hand quickly, but consider only serving a signature drink or two during your cocktail hour and switching to beer and wine during the reception. This will save you some big bucks but still allow your guests to have fun throughout the night. 


  • Dine With a Buffet  

A buffet is a budget-friendly way to serve food at your wedding and be able to reduce the staffing costs that would arise with a plated dinner. You can even decorate the buffet table to match your wedding aesthetic, and it’s also a great way for your guests to meet one another in line!  


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